• Responsive websites which adjust according to the device viewed from

  • Websites which work on computers, tablets and phones

  • Easy to use e-commerce

  • Image sliders

  • Easily change images in image slider anytime

  • Images can link to any page or website

  • Large backgrounds

  • Large backgrounds can still be seen behind transparent blocks

  • Statement backgrounds for the front page

  • Large backgrounds which stay still when scrolling down

  • Selective use of social media

  • Displays in the "Pinterest" style

  • "Pinterest" style display to showcase listings or blogposts

  • Using video embedded on webpages

  • Using youtube well for education and brand promotion

We’ve always been a bit “different”…

As you can see from our site and what we do, nzwebs.com is different from the others. We exist to help you get online with as much ease and fun as possible. Besides having a website, this also includes social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube, google + etc and we offer social media training to help you decide what is worth spending time on. If you want it, we can also provide easy tuition.

We are your one-stop-shop for expertly designed websites, affordable hosting and domain names.

Because when it comes to seriously being online with your own professional website, basically, you need three things to have a place in cyberspace.

One – You need one or more web pages (the website).

Two – You need somewhere to put your web pages. The place where the web pages are kept are known as the server or web host. Believe it or not, some servers charge a lot for hosting: roughly $50 to set-up and then you pay a monthly rental of about $25 per month (and upwards.) Our entry hosting package is only $80.00 per year.

Three – You need a domain name or web site address (also known as URL) – nzwebs.com’s domain name is www.nzwebs.com – your domain name needs to be configured with wherever your web pages are hosted so that when anyone types in your web site address it points them to your web server where your web pages are hosted. Of course, we can also register your domain for you and point it to your website. The cost of the actual domain name is NZ$55.00 per year – it’s also possible to have more than one domain name pointing to your website.

And if you don’t believe that you even need a website, watch this (from MYOB Business Monitor):

Please telephone +64 3 331 7022, (or skype us). We can brainstorm and check possible domain names, and GET YOUR WEB PRESENCE UNDERWAY.